AMA Awards 2022

On November 15th, 2022, the second edition of the AMA Awards took place during the General Members Meeting. On this opportunity we had participants from many countries to compete in 3 different categories: best project, best design and best idea. Each contestant had a five-minutes-slot to present his/her entry. Afterwards, the present AMA members voted in each category on the entry that best represented AMA's goal to improve sustainability in membrane building. The entries where very diverse in size, shape and objectives, which is why from AMA we think this contest is a full success and wish that these awards help with the awareness in the industry of seeing sustainability as key factor, whether it is related to the applied building techniques, the materials used or the integration of the design into the environment.


Do not miss the opportunity of getting to know a little bit more of the winning projects! Click below on each one to find out more.

Category 1: Product of the Year

  • 1st Prize:
There where no entries fulfilling the sustainability requirements.

Category 2: Project of the Year

Category 3: Design of the Year

Category 4: Idea of the Year

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