Design of the year 2022 - Metaform "Luxembourg Pavilion at EXPO Dubai 2020"


Category 3 - Design1st Prize - Design of the year
Award Winner

Metaform Architects

8, Rue des Girondins

L-1626, Luxembourg


Luxembourg Pavilion at EXPO DUBAI 2020

Year 2017 - 2021



Statement of the Jury


In the World Expo Pavilion, Luxembourg presents itself as a small but open minded and most of all sustainably conscious country. The textile ribbon is a scenography canvas which creates a continuous flow of images. The jury particularly likes the idea of merging the fabric membrane’s property as canvas and building wrap. Using lightweight membranes as an envelope for a temporary building is a sustainable way of reducing the consumption of resources. Along with the use of recycled steel for the subconstruction, the architects from Metaform designed a showpiece of sustainable lightweight architecture.


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