Project of the year 2022 - Taiyo Europe "MERCK Transformer Station"


Category 2 - Projects1st Prize - Project of the year
Award Winner


 Mühlweg 2

82054 Sauerlach, Germany


MERCK Transformer Station - ETFE-curtain wall façade with OPV

Architects and Structural Engineers 

HENN Architects and LEICHT Structural eingineering and specialist consulting GmbH

Execution TAIYO EUROPE, 2019

Statement of the Jury


The jury particularly approves the fact that this project was pioneer in using organic photovoltaic (OPV) in combination with ETFE foils. It was an important milestone for a technology that is now becoming increasingly commercial. Taiyo Europe applied organic photovoltaic cells to a printed and pretensioned ETFE film. This transparent and aesthetically appealing façade generates electricity from renewable energies. The façade can therefore be considered as the world's first energy-efficient curtain wall made of digitally printed single-layer ETFE-modules. The jury is optimistic that this innovative example leads the way to further development with the combination of fabrics and foils with organic photovoltaic.


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