Vinyl Coated Polyester Mesh or PVC-PES Mesh


Vinyl coated polyester open mesh fabrics, or PVC-PES Mesh, are strong and durable fabrics, a popular choice in tensile fabric and membrane architecture. The base material comprises of a woven high tenacity polyester base fabric grid and a flexible plasticised PVC coating which protects the grid from all sides. It is possible to apply coatings or lacquers, for example, dirt repellent surface lacquers, to enhance the performance of these mesh fabrics. There are certain mesh openings available.

Key Facts

PVC coated polyester open mesh fabrics are durable, light and air permeably and can withstand extreme environmental conditions, humidity and UV-radiation. These highly functional meshes are available in a certain range of colours and tensile strengths. Open-mesh fabrics are becoming increasingly popular for fabric façade applications. PVC-PES fabrics are the most economic material in tensile fabric and membrane architecture.


PVC-PES’s high flexibility coupled with its excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions and UV-radiation means a useful life phase in excess of 20 years can be expected.

•    Economical
•    Low flammability (fire classification DIN 4102, B1)
•    Available in a certain range of openings of the mesh
•    Strong and durable (> 20 years in central European climate)
•    Dirt repellent surfaces
•    Suitable for sewing and high frequency welding

These highly durable open mesh fabrics are used mainly for architectural façade applications. But can also be used as certain sunshade elements in form of sails e.g. Open mesh fabrics are also used extensively in internal settings, for example building exhibition stands as they are very flexible and suitable for sprinkler requirements.


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