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Our living space and our environment are very important to us. Against the background of climate changes and increasing environmental problems, AMA would like to make a contribution into turning building more sustainable and environmentally friendly.


This also applies to building with light structures and membrane materials (fabrics and foils). These materials and construction methods are ideally suited to make a major contribution to saving our natural resources. The extremely small dimensions of lightweight structures compared to other types of construction lead to savings in several fields of sustainable construction. These savings relate to the energies used as well as the transport quantities, recycling and ultimately also the emissions and the reduced quantities of materials that arise at the end of the long life cycle.


The competition, which AMA announced in 2021 for the first time, shall reward and honour outstanding contributions to sustainability and conservation of natural resources by awarding particularly good examples of products, projects, design and ideas in the field of lightweight and membrane structures.


The AMA Award comprises four categories, two of these categories Products and Projects are for AMA members only and the other two Design and Idea for non-members. We want to recognize and reward people and companies having achieved special success on the way to a better future of our planet or firmely intending to do so (ideas).

Assessment Criteria


On all categories the criteria to choose a winner will be the same. The products, projects, designs and ideas will be judged on how they contribute (or will contribute) on the environment and more sustainable buildings practices. Some of the points that will be taken into account are:


  • Improvement of environmental conditions for humans, animals and/or plants.
  • Reduction of non renewable energy consumption, emissions or waste (measurable).
  • Exploitation of renewable energies (solar or thermal energy, wind- or water energy,…)
  • Improvement of recycling processes.
  • Advancement of durability or service life (measurable).
  • Improvement of working conditions or working processes.
  • Extraordinary (structural) design regarding to utilization, location, appearance etc.



There are some simple conditions that rule the AMA Awards, every applicant should comply with all rules without exceptions. The conditions are the following:


Condition 1:  Submission of the complete application form (incl. requested attachments) to be submitted to AMA‘s general secretary in time (until the deadline). For submitted photographs AMA should get a signed document giving AMA the right for presentation and publishing (by naming the photographer / the owner of the photograph).


Condition 2:  The completion of the product, project, design or idea must not be older than 4 years before   the deadline of the submission. The subject must be completed or almost completed.


Condition 3:  Only one application per category, per company and per person (applicant) is permitted.


Condition 4:  The applicant can only be awarded for the own scope of work (e.g. the producer for an innovative product, the manufacturer for an extraordinary membrane structure, the architect for the design   of a project and the inventor for his or her own idea or patent.


Condition 5:  It is possible, for example, that a company applies for being awarded for a project realization, the architect for the related design and the material supplier for the material used for the same project. A material  supplier, for example, cannot be awarded for the project design but for their used product.


Condition 6:  The board of AMA has the right to withdraw an award by voting (by simple majority) in case   of a breach of duties by an award winner. An applicant or an award winner cannot claim for an award or for being awarded.


Form submission by using AMA’s application form (description, data, photographs)
Frequency yearly
Deadline November 8th 2023
Presentation 5 min presentation by the applicant at AMA‘s annual members meeting
Awarding by voting at AMA‘s annual members meeting
Certification by certificate, handed over at least one month after the voting
Jury all AMA members with voting rights present at the meeting
Voice one voice per member in each category (also for own applications)


If you wish to apply for an AMA Award in any of the four categories, please download this form, fill it in full and send it by email to alongside with 3 full resolution pictures. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the process and conditions. Do not wait until the last minute and be part of the first ever AMA Awards!

The Awards

*picture of the Chateau La Coste Project in Aix En Provence (France) with Serge Ferrari's Membranes

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