Benefits on Becoming an AMA Member


Being part of AMA won't only give your company a good set of benefits, it will also give you the chance of making a difference. By gathering with the main players of the industry, finding common ground and discussing important issues, new ideas and ways to promote the market can arise and you can be a part of it! After becoming an AMA Member, your company will immediately profit from the following benefits, among many others:


AMA is a neutral platform for quality orientated companies in the Tensile Architecture Industry.

AMA offers its members the platform for sharing information with leading industry partners, architects and potential clients.

AMA and its members promote the prominence and growth of tensile architecture and building with membranes. AMA represents the common interests of the industry in cooperation with authorities, associations and other organizations.

AMA feeds the most important Social Media Platforms focusing on sending the message of confidence and trust in the construction method and broadening the market.

Each AMA member benefits from the high quality standards that its members place on their products and services. Members use the AMA-logo, which stands for quality and prestige: only the leading companies of the Industry can become an AMA Member.

As a non-profit organization, AMA supports educational institutions in the field of building with textile membranes and films. AMA members benefit from exchanges with graduates as our future-employees and clients. AMA promotes its members’ personnel through information and reduced fees for trade fairs, conferences and courses.

Become an AMA member and benefit from the advantages. We look forward to hearing from you!


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