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The Architectural Membrane Association (AMA), founded on 15th of March 2016 in Dessau, is a neutral platform of the membrane construction industry following the common aim to broaden the market of Architectural Membrane Constructions by spreading information, strengthening and securing quality and thus increasing the confidence in the construction method. AMA safeguards and promotes the technical, economic and social interests of its international members in the field of building with membranes in the architectural context.

The common interest of the members of AMA lies in the promotion of construction with membranes, as well as the representation of interests of the members vis-à-vis authorities, associations and other organizations. The common interests specifically include the quality improvement and assurance, in order to create trust vis-à-vis third parties and the structuring and implementation of public relations work, provision of supporting advertising media and other appropriate measures for this (image, information, doctrines, training).

The association promotes fair competition and combats any type of unfair competition, as well as other deficiencies and detrimental aberrations in business practice. It neither has the character of a commercial enterprise nor can it control the business activity of its members. The association does not pursue any political or religious goals.

Companies decisively involved in the realization process of architectural membranes, either in the

  • Supply of Membrane Material
  • Supply of Cables
  • Project Management of Membrane Structures
  • Fabrication of Membrane Structures, or
  • Installation of Membrane Structures


are cordially invited to join AMA. For further information please contact info@amaforum.com


Being an AMA Member will inmediately bring the Company a good set of benefits, for more information on these benefits please click here.




Carpatec Logo

Carpatec is a Spanish based company founded in 1995, that specializes in the design, calculation, manufacturing and installation of many types of membrane structures and tents. Years of experience have led Carpatec to become one of the leaders in the Spanish market for tensile architecture and helped them to broaden their horizons to international markets like France, Italy, Guinea, Portugal, Mexico, Peru, among others. For more information, click here.

PVC Membrane Textile Architecture Carpatec
Sun Protection, Mesh. Nerja, 2014
PVC Membrane Textile Architecture Carpatec
Hotel terrace, PVC.
Mallorca, 2015
PVC Membrane Textile Architecture Carpatec
Futbol Court, PVC
Burgos, 2018
PVC Membrane Textile Architecture Carpatec
Playground, PVC
Burlada, 2018
CARPATEC PVC Mesh Membrane Textile Architecture
Playground Roof, PVC
Mesh. Spain, 2019
Serge Ferrari Logo

Serge Ferrari S.A.S. is a leading French manufacturer of flexible composite materials. Running since 1973, Serge Ferrari Group masters all production steps in its manufacturing sites in Europe (France, Switzerland, and Italy), from product development to recycling and has quickly developed its activities on a global basis with 8 subsidiaries worldwide and 830 employees. Their products can adapt to large scale projects like sports stadiums to projects in a smaller scale like personal home terraces. For more information, click here.

SERGE FERRARI PVC Mesh Membrane Textile Architecture
Ice Skating Arena
Germany, 2010
SERGE FERRARI PVC Mesh Membrane Textile Architecture
Façade, PVC Mesh.
Switzerland, 2011
SERGE FERRARI tensile architecture roofing PVC
Roofing, PVC.
France, 2017
SERGE FERRARI PVC Mesh Membrane Textile Architecture
Futbol Stadium, Mesh
Turkey 2017
SERGE FERRARI tensile architecture roofing PVC
Sports Facility, PVC
Santander, 2017

Sioen Industries NV is a Belgium-based company that has been around since 1907. Leader in its domain, Sioen focusses on high quality technical textiles and has the entire production process from yarn, over woven and coated fabric, to chemicals and finishing in house. The company has three divisions: the coating division, engaged in the production of several technical textiles, coated with various polymers and marketed in different markets, (Textile Architecture- and Façades) the apparel division and the chemical division.  Sioen is active in more than 80 countries, employs over 3.500 people in 53 plants in 23 countries. For more information, click here.

SIOEN PVC Roofing Membrane Tensile Architecture
Expo Pavilion, PVC
Italy, 2015
SIOEN PVC Mesh façade tensile architecture
Building Façade, Mesh
Belgium, 2015
SIOEN PVC Membrane Tensile Architecture Roofing
Adriatic Arena, PVC
Italy, 2016
SIOEN PVC Mesh façade tensile architecture
Building Façade, Mesh
Germany, 2017
SIOEN PVC Roofing membrane tensile architecture
Retractable Roof, PVC
Germany, 2018
Taiyo Europe

Taiyo Europe is a global market leader for the planning and realization of membrane architecture, offering clients custom-made solutions for their projects. Over 1,300 employees within the TAIYO group work in giving the customers a complete range of project services worldwide, from the design to the complete execution and work planning. At Taiyo Europe, a team of creative designers and engineers work side by side with architects and other experts to realize technically demanding membrane structures. Taiyo Europe’s core team brings more than 100 years of international experience in the realization of high-class membrane architecture to the table. Well-known international projects, such as the Millennium Dome in London, UK and the Olympic Stadium in Rome, Italy, are their presentation letters. For more information click here.

TAIYO EUROPE, PTFE Roofing Tensile Membrane Architecture
Art Museum, PTFE
France, 2009
TAIYO EUROPE, ETFE Foil Membrane Architecture
Roofing, ETFE Foils
Germany, 2011
TAIYO EUROPE, ETFE Foil Membrane Architecture
Shopping Center, ETFE
Germany, 2012
TAIYO EUROPE, PVC Roofing Tensile Membrane Architecture
Outdoor Roof, PVC
Italy, 2015
TAIYO EUROPE, ETFE Foil Membrane Architecture
Interactive Pavilion,
ETFE, London, 2018
Temme Obermeier

Temme Obermeier is one of the few specialists in membrane construction worldwide who know how to master all the materials, with more than 30 years of practical experience in the areas of roofing, booth building and façade construction. Since then, T//O has very closely followed how membrane materials have developed, studied how they are used and has constantly set new standards regarding their applications. Realizing spectacular projects worldwide, shows the capacity of the whole team of T//O in all aspects of roofs and façades with ETFE foil and fabrics. For more information, click here.

TEMME OBERMEIER PVC Membrane Tensile Architecture
Bus Station, PVC
Germany, 2010
TEMME OBERMEIER PVC Membrane Tensile Architecture
Dome, PVC
Germany, 2010
TEMME OBERMEIER PVC ETFE Membrane Tensile Architecture
Skating Rink, PVC
Germany, 2010
TEMME OBERMEIER PTFE Glass Mesh Membrane Tensile Architecture
Façade, PTFE Glass
Mesh. Germany, 2013
TEMME OBERMEIER ETFE Membrane Tensile Architecture
Shopping Mall, ETFE
Switzerland, 2017

Velabran provides a design-oriented architectural solution including visualization, technical calculation, planning and construction. Velabran was established in 2005 by a few membrane construction experts with lots of branch experience. They offer a wide range of know-how in the field of textile building constructions, ETFE foil cushions and pneumatic assisted constructions. Thanks to an experienced design and technology team and the cooperation with leading architecture and engineering offices, the highest application reliability can be expected. Velabran has very strict compliance with quality assurance, resulting in solutions that are on one hand visually impressive and on the other hand functional, sustainable and economical. For more information, click here.

VELABRAN PVC Membrane Tensile Architecture
Bus Station, PVC
Germany, 2011
VELABRAN PVC Membrane Tensile Architecture
Roofing, PVC
Germany, 2011
VELABRAN PTFE Mesh Tensile Architecture
Concert Hall, PTFE
Mesh. Hamburg, 2015
VELABRAN ETFE cushions Tensile Architecture
Museum, ETFE
Germany, 2016
VELABRAN PTFE Membrane Tensile Architecture
Roof, PTFE
Austria, 2017

Verseidag specializes in the manufacturing of products that can be found in many highly demanding application markets such as textile architecture, large tents, large-format digital printing, biogas, bullet-proof vests and other industry solutions. Specifically for tensile architecture they have PVC and PTFE coated high-performance fabrics for durable and aesthetical solutions. They offer a high variety of products for interior and exterior ceiling and membrane and façade applications. For more information, click here.

Administrative Bodies 

AMA Board Member

1. Chairman: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karsten Moritz, Taiyo Europe GmbH, Sauerlach, Germany
2. Chairman: Gustavo Ramirez Lares, Carpatec, Madrid, Spain
3. Chairman: Katja Bernert, Low & Bonar, Hückelhoven, Germany
4. Chairman: Françoise Fournier, Serge Ferrari, La Tour-du-Pin, France


Werner Fröhlich, Velabran GmbH, Munich, Germany


Heike Kleine
c/o Hochschule Anhalt
Seminarplatz 2a
06846 Dessau

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