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On this page you will find documents and information which can be downloaded. They can be used as templates for the planning of Membrane Structures and help in the design and planning process. The update of this page is on going, so don't forget to come back soon for more information!





Structural Engineering Software for Tensile Membrane Structures. The structural analysis software RFEM with add-on modules allows for form‑finding, structural analysis, and determination of cutting patterns of tensile membrane and cable structures. The calculation is performed according to the large deformation analysis. When determining the cutting patterns, user‑defined intersection lines and compensation dimensions are considered.


  • RFEM (FEA Software). The structural analysis program RFEM is the basis of a modular software system. The main program RFEM is used to define structures, materials, and loads for planar and spatial structural systems consisting of plates, walls, shells, and membranes. The program also allows you to create combined structures as well as model solid and contact elements. 
  • RF-FORM-FINDING(add-on module for RFEM) searches for shapes of structures subjected to tension or compression, such as membrane and cable structures, shells, and other structures. The shape is calculated by the equilibrium between the surface stress (pre-stress) and natural or geometric boundary conditions. 
  • RF-CUTTING-PATTERN (add-on module for RFEM) calculates and organizes the cutting pattern for membrane structures. The planarization process is carried out in compliance with the minimum energy theory. 
  • RF-MAT NL(add-on module for RFEM) allows for consideration of nonlinear material behaviour in RFEM. It offers the option to couple surfaceswith the stiffness types "Membrane" and "Membrane-Orthotropic" with the material models "Isotropic nonlinear elastic 2D/3D" and "Isotropic plastic 2D/3D". This functionality enables the simulation of the nonlinear strain behaviour of, for example, ETFE foils.


Link to DLUBAL

The most easy and powerful "Membrane Design tool" is made to encourage designers in the creation of beautiful and quality membrane architecture.


Link to Formfinder

ixCube 4-10 is a new platform  based on 20 years of experience in developing ixForten 4000 and working in the membrane structure field as designers and engineers. 

Link to IxCube

McNeel® Rhinoceros® is one of the most modern and established 3D programs on the market. Specializing in modeling 3D objects, the affordable program trumps with extremely powerful tools.


Link to Rhinoceros, Grasshopper

Grasshopper extension updated  with new solver for cable nets. Rhinomembrane v 3.0  is a update of rel 3.0  for Rhino 6.0 64 bit. It has in built professional form-finding solvers for any category of tensile and cable net structures. The plugin is also fully compatible with our flagship product ixCube 4-10  so any model generated with RM can be  baked on the fly to ixCube 4-10 for future structural analysis and patterning. 

Link to Rhinomembrane

The SOFiSTiK FEM Packages are customized solutions to fit all the engineering application fields, ranging from 2D Slab design to 3D building and bridge design.


Link to SOFiSTik FEM

Easy is a software for the integrated planning and calculation of lightweight surface structures.


Link to TECHNET Easy

inTENS is the 3D finite element program suite developed by Tensys for the design of tensile structures. Featuring full, large deformation, geometric non-linearity, it is based upon a Dynamic Relaxation solution process.


Link to TENSYS InTens

All software description where written by the Software Provider.

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On the following site, kindly provided by Formfinder, you can find interesting Books, Article and Reviews about Membrane Structures. Click here to open the Database.

Download here the second issue for "Movers and Shakers", an e-magazine created by Spatial Structures as a series of activities in preparation for the Spatial Structures 2020/2021 conference.


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