Acknowledgement - Temme Obermeier "ETFE Roof in Marketplace"


Category 2 - ProjectsAcknowledgement

Temme // Obermeier GmbH

Dr.-Steinbeißer-Strasse 7

83026 Rosenheim, Germany

ProjectETFE roof Rynek Lazarki marketplace in Poznan, Poland

City of Poznan


Jacek Bulat

EngineersForm TL
ExecutionTemme // Obermeier on behalf of Skanska S.A., 2021

Statement of the Jury

The semi-transparent canopy made of air supported ETFE foil cushions provides shade in the hot summer months and protects against rain and snow in winter. The jury acknowledges the holistic approach of the execution and the sensitive handling of the architect’s design. Finding the ideal print pattern, the optimal cutting pattern and the right placement of seams not only effect the aesthetics, but also the energetic assessment. The project is an impressive example of minimizing the building mass with the use of lightweight, transparent membranes. The roof-loads are transferred to the main structure only by extremely thin foils and air. Through the consistent implementation of the advantages of lightweight structures the building could be optimized. The ETFE foil cushion roof is made out of demountable components which are reusable - that means a contribution to the saving of resources, to the reduction of emissions and, finally, to the saving of waste at the end of the building's lifetime.

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