Product of the year 2021 - Mehler Texnologies "TF400 Green"

AMA Awards


Category 1 - Product                                                  1st Prize - Product of the year
Award Winner                                                                          

Mehler Texnologies GmbH

Rheinstr. 11

41836 Hueckelhoven, Germany


                   TF400 Green - Façade Mesh
Copyright Mehler Texnologies

Statement of the Jury


The first prize in the products category is regarded as a starting point: The jury values the first product within the textile architecture range which is made of recycled material. The mesh fabric with the working title “TF 400 Green” consists of 100 % upcycled PET bottles. With technical properties coming very close to the ones of the standard material this product could be a trendsetter for the use of more recycled material in Tensile Architecture Projects. Particularly regarding the slow successes in recycling used fabrics it is more than obvious that using recycled materials in the first place is a good means of saving resources.

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