Design of the year 2021 - Ketan "Ant Walk"


Category 3 - Design1st Prize - Design of the year

Ketan Membranas Arquitectónicas

Av. H. Naval Militar 596 Despacho 3 y 4 Alcaldfa Coyoacan, 04470 Ciudad de Mexico

ProjectThe AntWalk

Organización y Desarrollo S.A. de C.V.


Miriam del Carmen Vargas Olmos

EngineerArmando Rosales
ExecutionKetan Membranas Arquitectonicas, 2021

Statement of the Jury


The first prize in the design category is awarded to the AntWalk located in Coyoacan, Mexico City. The jury values the close link of the sculptural canopies to the place. This way the architects create a sense of place and provide shade for the market stalls. The protecting leaves of PVC coated polyester fabric ensure that the urban space below can be used throughout the year. The design is most sustainable in relating the structure back to the roots of tensile architecture: creating protected spaces with light and shade by using lightweight membrane materials and structures. The jury highlights that the design was completely custom made for the space: designing each leaf with a unique dimension in order not to cut any trees or even tree branches, respecting the environment to the fullest.

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