Acknowledgement - CARPATEC "Textile Façade Madrid"


Category 2 - ProjectsAcknowledgement


CL. Tierra, 24, 28224 Villanueva del Pardillo, Madrid, Spain


ProjectTextile Façade Madrid

Revenga Coorporation


Miguel Menendez


Jorge Peña &

M.Eng. Gustavo Ramírez Lares

ExecutionTres Cantos Madrid, CARPATEC, 2019

Statement of the Jury


The new textile façade from 2019 made of a white textile mesh is part of a comprehensive renovation project of an existing office building from the year 1979. The planar white mesh gives the cubic building not only a modern appearance. Above all, it protects the users from excessive solar heat gain and overheating of the indoor spaces. This reduces the energy consumption required for the creation of pleasant working and living conditions inside the building. It also saved the renewal of most parts of the existing façade that is now just vaguely recognizable behind the semi translucent membrane curtain wall. As a result, building components worth preserving could be preserved

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